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The original layout of Villa Solatia was perfectly inserted in the design scheme of Palladio and his imitators: a central residential body and two symmetrical barchesse and often perpendicular to it.


In addition to being absent - never completed - the second barchessa, in the early nineteenth century a building was built in which the numerous laborers who worked on the large property could live.


This building is the Napoleonic Palace. On several occasions, modified and enlarged it came to form a connecting element between the three bodies of the complex, intersecting the barchessa and grafting onto the Villa in an L-shape.


The last major restoration has freed both the barchessa and the home of these additions, recreating the Palladian perception of the distinction between buildings. The Palazzetto, therefore, restored to its original proportions, now houses 9 apartments of various capacities and sizes and faces the Viale dei Pioppi from the front and the Parterre and the Water Garden at the rear.

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