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Villa Solatia has a history that is intertwined with noble families and with multiple phases of interventions and decay, collapses and reconstructions.


The system present today is largely superimposed on the interventions made on the pre-existing Villa Muzzoni in the early nineteenth century. Villa Muzzoni, attributed to Andrea Palladio and taken over in 1778 by Ottavio Bertotti Scamozzi.


It is described at the end of the eighteenth century as a "ruined" villa and in a "bad situation" due to the "frequent floods" caused by the transformation of part of the agricultural land into rice paddies at the behest of the owners of the time, the Bissari, who put it at risk even the foundations. Already at the time only one barchessa was described, the one on the right, identifiable with the one present and restored today.


In the early nineteenth century the Palazzetto was added to the Villa and Barchessa, gradually enlarged until it came to join the two pre-existing structures in an L-shape.


The restoration and partial restoration works were carried out by the will of the Tognazzi family, today the owner of the complex.

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