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Since its construction in the sixteenth century, Villa Solatia has been transformed over the centuries, often as a function of agricultural production. The seventeenth-century hortus is gradually resized in favor of the arboretum, more representative of the noble class of the owners' family.


It is with the interventions of the Tognazzi family that much of the original spirit of the Villa has been recovered, including the reconstruction of the orchard and the recent construction of the large vegetable garden in which the production of vegetables is alternated with officinal aromatic herbs and edible flowers and cut.


The absence of the use of pesticides and the recognized value to the action of beneficial insects, attracted through the vast floral population, make all products completely organic.


With the changing of the seasons the vegetable garden and the orchard change offering an ever new and different scenario where you can dedicate yourself to communion with nature and the collection of its gifts.

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