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Water is an omnipresent element at Villa Solatia. The fountains fed by the natural aquifer of the Villa (drinkable), the canal that outlines and distinguishes the perimeter of the structure and the pools of lotus flowers participate in making the vital bubbling of the water a constant company.


It is on the north side of the Villa that a triptych of pools create a suggestive water garden, bordered by a border of ornamental grasses. Although not designed in the Palladian age, the geometry of the garden evokes the classic forms: the two basins are golden rectangles while the spheres from which the water springs take up the ancient circular basin. The inclusion of sixteenth-century elements found in the excavations further enrich the context.


A cast iron tap makes it possible to draw the fresh water from the groundwater of the property at any time of the year, under the gaze of the two sculptures that complete the scenario: Aphrodite and Dionisius.

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