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The first impression - they say - is what counts. For Villa Solatia, the initial glance is that which overlooks the large parterre, an English lawn overlooked by the Barchessa Palladiana to the east, the Curti-Tognazzi residence to the north, and the monumental arboretum to the west.


At the four corners of this large space, four sculptures depict Apollo, Diana, Hermes and Ceres. In the center, the large basin with an allegory of the Bacchiglione, the nearby river, around which the precious Japanese carp swim among the water lilies.


On the central axis of the parterre, four other sculptures, in this case gilded, complete the apse overlooking the arboretum: it is the cycle of Love with the two messengers Mercury and Cupid and the two Venuses, one modest another in the act of picking the golden apple.

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