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At first it was just a field, then a rice paddy. Then towards the end of the 17th century, this part of the property was transformed into an arboretum. Not a formal Italian garden as was customary but a simple place where you could find refreshment under the canopy of trees.


The only survivor of this original plantation stands today, above all the other trees: it is the large plane tree which is about to exceed 400 years of age.


However, it is not just a question of personal data. The beauty and value of the trees is largely due to the shape they take: it is extremely rare to find, as in the arboretum of Villa Solatia, specimens left to develop in free form by cleaning only the dry and damaged.


Take the time to contemplate the elegant hornbeam or get intoxicated by the charm of the purple beech trees. Each tree, from the oldest and most spectacular to the youngest and most tender, has its own history and identity: under the most interesting specimens you will find lecterns where you can discover it.

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