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Your 4-legged friends are welcome as long as they are used to staying in the apartment where a special welcome courtesy kit will await them! You can walk in the large park and let them run around in the dedicated area. 

Each 16th century villa has many stories to tell. Many of these are tales of characters found in art or history books. Many of these are finished stories.  

Villa Solatia, although home to very famous families and designed by Andrea Palladio, does not live only on memories and glories of the past.


It is a Villa where life continues, thrives and manifests itself continuously.  


Under the severe gaze of the colonnade and the sculptures, a myriad of botanical essences grow, fish and waterfowl wallow, the monumental trees almost as old as the villa itself extend their intact foliage.

It is within the confines of this luxurious context that you can experience the good life, regenerate yourself, rediscover the lost pleasure of a holiday, in the most sought-after comfort and beauty.

Villa Solatia is an oasis of peace where the purest and noblest architecture of the Palladian sixteenth century meets the dynamism of life and declines in the opportunity to spend time savoring both its change and its slow serenity.



Each of the 15 apartments of Villa Solatia has its own character, its own identity and its own history. From botanical themed apartments to apartments on various aspects of Palladianism, the many declinations of history, art and nature blend together to create furnished units of various capacities and sizes.  

The sense of comfort is combined with a refined taste through the interpenetration between ancient and modern. But it's not just an aesthetic factor.  

In each apartment there is a subplot told through the works of art and furnishing objects in which the single element can arouse interest or curiosity, but which together fully develops one or more concepts.

From the themed apartment on the forest and its delicate balance to the one on sculpture and its expressive capacity, each unit offers its guests a unique and ever new experience. 



At one time the property included 500 fields: over the centuries that vast estate has become the hamlet of Rettorgole but the nucleus of those fields, once the agricultural vocation has been neglected, has become a green lung of great botanical interest.  

Numerous ancient trees, hundreds of botanical species and an ever-increasing search for a landscape and biological value make the park of Villa Solatia an oasis of peace where you can regenerate and set your memories.  


Whether in the monumental arboretum, on the bank of the bio-lake, in the seventeenth-century orangery or in the water garden, large spaces have a lot to offer and tell in all seasons.


Each apartment of Villa Solatia offers guests all the comforts they may need to spend their stay with the feeling of being "at home". From kitchen equipment to bed and bath linen, each apartment has everything you need to give guests maximum autonomy.

Free Wifi, indoor parking with video surveillance, laundry areas are always included.

In addition to the accommodation experience, however, Villa Solatia also offers much more. From the Eden Wellness area inside the barchessa, to the bathing bio-lake, even the pleasure of bathing can find maximum satisfaction.

For lovers of long breakfast, in the barchessa you can enjoy on request both the sweet Italian breakfast, the continental one and the international one, sitting contemplating the view of the park and the Villa.

If you like the idea of setting your event or initiative in the setting of Villa Solatia, do not hesitate to contact us. It will be a pleasure for us to build an ad hoc project to make every experience unforgettable.


The events that are finding the perfect setting at Villa Solatia are always unique and unrepeatable. If it is attention to detail, love for the unusual and the wonderful, elegance with character, modernity that embraces Palladian classicism, what you are looking for to create an event, then Villa Solatia can be the ideal location. .


The infinite glimpses, countless possibilities and a constant search for experimentation make every initiative memorable.


Cultural events, exclusive parties, weddings, exhibitions, performances, concerts and much more! Villa Solatia can be transformed to make every event unforgettable!


An ancient villa is a place where history can be breathed, where it emerges among sculptures, columns and paintings. Villa Solatia has many stories to tell, but among the many events of the past, those on which we focus most are the stories that will be written in the future: it is with this spirit that Villa Solatia proposes itself as a location for events, initiatives, demonstrations. But also for experiences and memories, smiles, looks, memories. 


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